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If you are a journalist or have a blog or any media we invite you to talk, inform and invite your reader to discuss about this Movement. Here is a partial list of thematic to develop:
-Invite people to be volunteers. Why it is important to get involve?
-Invite people to join Twitter and Facebook group.  Why it is important to be as many as possible?
-Invite people to donate.
-inform people about the movement and development.
-Invite people to discuss about different related thematic, the manifesto, questions, results, etc.

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It is high time that everyone involved.
1 - Send this page to everyone.
2 - Post version, free eBook Manifest
2 - Join the Facebook group.
3 - Invite all your friends on Facebook.
4 - Follow the movement on Twitter
5 - Become a volunteer.
6 - Make a donation.
7 - Bookmark this page.
Movement for a true global democracy 

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