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With, possible, future compensation .*

And their functions:

          o Data Architect
          o Web architect.
          o Web Design
          o Encryptor
          o Web Development
          o IT Director
          o WEB PROGRAMMER: to program a website capable of displaying real-time results of a referendum. Oracle programming, PHP or otherwise. Description bids (RESUME) (DETAILS).
          o Wiki Programmer
          o Security Server
          o  Etc..
          o  Send an email if you have any questions.


    * TRANSLATORS: translate the website and all questions in all languages ​​and all dialects.
          o Interpreter
          o Etc.
          o Email for more information.


          o Creation assistant
          o Interactive Agent
          o Ad agency
          o Event Marketing Officer: Create information event, fundraising, etc..
          o Media Relations Officer
          o Web Agent
          o Host a virtual community
          o Host Network
          o Political Attaché
          o Press
          o Blogger
          o Head of Capital
          o Designer
          o Communications Advisor
          o Development Consultant
          o Advisor image
          o Media Adviser
          o Human Security Consultant on Social Media
          o Contact International
          o Event Coordinator
          o Marketing Coordinator
          o Create, manage Web community
          o Strategic Development
          o Communications Director
          o Branch creation
          o Director New Media Development
          o Information Director, Internet and digital services
          o Marketing Director
          o Director of Web operations
          o Production Manager Event
          o Director Social Strategies
          o Documentary Filmmaker
          o Editor
          o Assistant Editor
          o Social Media Editor
          o Expert in social media
          o Community Manager
          o Journalist
          o Web Journalist
          o Marketing: media, web, etc..
          o Community Organizer
          o  Spokespersons: Promote the Movement and the outcome of the referenda to the media in all languages ​​and dialects.
          o Speaker Information
          o Promotion
          o Advertising
          o Director
          o Editor of norms, standards and good practices Web
          o Researcher
          o Editor
          o Editor assistant
          o Lobbyist
          o Media Relations
          o Public Relations
          o Managing Editor: For the print edition of the Manifesto.
          o Responsible Social Network
          o Managing Editor
          o SEO Specialist
          o Brand Strategist
          o Web strategy, social media and internet marketing
          o Vice-President Information
          o Webmaster
          o Etc.
          o Email for more information.


    * MANAGER OF FUNDRAISING: Collect funds from governments, businesses, NGOs and individuals to finance the movement.
          o Finance Assistant
          o Advertising and marketing assistant
          o Finance Director
          o Director of Operations
          o Communication and Advertising Director
          o Assistant Finance Director
          o Purchase and Leasing
          o Display
          o Director of Event Site
          o Director of Grants
          o Maintenance
          o Ecology and recycling
          o License & Permits
          o Marketing and promotion marketing
          o Event Organiser
          o Producer
          o Responsible Sponsorship
          o Organizer of fundraising event
          o Research Sponsorship
          o Partner Search
          o Volunteer Coordinator
          o Responsible kiosks
          o Security
          o Etc..
          o Email for more information.


          o  Manage categories and sub categories of rights. Check if the draft standards are in good categories. Check if the standards and draft standards are not duplicated, etc..
          o Legal counsel.
          oEmail for more information.


    * CORRECTION in all languages:
          o Reviewer
          o Report any errors by email. INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the address and the entire page. Indicate in red corrections.


    * WEB DESIGNER: Design development of the site. View submissions 11 and 12 (forthcoming).
    * Graphic Designer

    * MANAGER:
          o Com web
          o Accounting
          o Executive Director
          o Assistant Executive Director
          o Executive Director
          o Director of Grants
          o Producer
          o Responsible Sponsorship
          o Secretary
          o Sociologists
          o Etc.

    * Artists and crew TECHNICIANS:
          o Props
          o Host Event
          o Artists
          o Wizard
          o Band Gear
          o Cameraman
          o Casting
          o Head Light
          o Electric Head
          o Head Carpenter
          o Head Projection
          o Head PA
          o Hairdresser
          o Committee Hearing
          o Lighting Console
          o Monitor the Console
          o Console's room
          o Designer image
          o Designer LX
          o Designer's
          o Designing Events
          o Decorator
          o Art Direction
          o Production Manager
          o Technical Direction
          o Dresser
          o Master of Ceremonies
          o Makeup
          o Staging
          o Video Editor
          o Operator M.L.
          o Photographer
          o Continuation
          o Video Production
          o Steward
          o Production assistant
          o Set Designer
          o Stage Technician
          o Etc.

* We can not guarantee any compensation yet. It is to all citizens to vote budgets if the project is accepted.

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