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All the contents of all pages must be part of a database available in all languages. Details on green servers .

Programming Parts

* Part 1

User registration. Data must be saved on a
secure server. Drop-down menu for language selection and other function that records the language in the database.

* Part 2

Menu registered user. A vote by the 3 categories of the database.
The creation of standards is created by default in Category: Proposed draft standard.

Part 3

Creation of project proposals for standards. Dropdown menu, with choice of categories and subcategories (indented) existing, to be selected.
- Standards founding
- Standards Policies
- Criminal Standards
- Penal Provisions
- Economic Standards
- Labour Standards
- Public Health Standards
- Construction Standards
- Etc..
Question: is it an amendment to another standard or draft standard? Whether the number is shown and the new number will include a comma and a number corresponding to the nth following amendment history. Number of Proposed Draft Standard automatic including letters corresponding to the category (Example: Standard policy = NPO) and the number after the latest draft proposed standard.
-Name of the person proposing automatically displayed after the name of the person registering.
-Language Question: drop-down menu with a choice of languages ​​and dialects other existing and choosing which automatically creates a new choice.
-Question to a record. Denominated in French and English to record but optional.
-Type response to the database: multiple choice (number and % of votes for each question or average percentage of votes or an average of the votes in Euro or average of a number.
Registration of answer choices, if appropriate.
-Other languages ​​optional.
-Registry of comments by choice answers.
Automatic display of the user name and date for each comment.
-The person proposing to vote for his own proposal to validate it.

Part 4

- Vote. Automatic display from the database of categories and numbers of standards, the name of the person who proposes to name the second person voted as the person who offers, names of translators and proofreaders.
The question appears in the original language and in languages ​​of English and French translations and language of the user when available, otherwise the message "translator requested / translator required" appears.
Message: "To ..." displayed for all questions in a language selected by the user if not in French and English.
Showing comments from people who later voted with their name and date of first entry in the original language. (Possibly by a vote of the people of relevance). In a dropdown menu for each answer. Comments available in the language of the user. Comment box to be completed by the user before voting (optional). Answer options in the original language of the person who proposed, in French, English and the language of the user when available, otherwise the message "translator  requested / translator required" appears. The number of respondents to each answer is displayed in real time. The response rate for each answer choices displayed in real time. Vote of the user to enter the database. The proposed draft standards become draft standards as soon as someone endorses (support) the proposal. Draft standards become standards as soon as the response rate corresponding to the Standard NF1, 2 is reached.

Part 5

Showing results. Browsers can view all pages of the website and see the results in real time. To vote visitors must register and / or login.

Part 6

Translators and proofreaders. Translators and editors must be able to connect as any user, and have access, in addition to the menu, functions and correct translation of the database by posting questions in their original language, French, English and in the mother tongue of the person making the translation. There are more empty boxes corresponding to all fields to translate or correct in the mother tongue of the person.

Part 10: Menus join user 2:

The user can change are voting are in the category of choice.

The user may vote at random without distinction of classes for the proposals which it has not already voted.

Part 11

Design. You can bid on the design of the website by sending a prototype page "index" and a prototype of "voting page with results."
The pages will be displayed on the site and the page with the most votes will be submitted.

Part 12

Logo You can bid for the logo design the website by sending an email prototype.
The logos will be displayed on the site and the page with the most votes will be submitted.

You can bid on any or all bids.


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